Mature female sex partner in Winston-Salem area

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February 12, by Alicia Roberts media wfu. The study is the latest in decades-long research by Anderson, who studies several seabird species. So, the older females of the species often choose a younger mate each breeding season. And that seems to have led to a shorter lifespan for females, Tompkins said.

Nazca boobies can live into their late 20s, making them an excellent species for studying decline in old age. The potentially long lifespan of Nazca boobies means that Anderson has waited decades to observe breeding behavior and reproductive success in old birds. : Faculty , Research , Top Stories. Media Contact Cheryl Walker walkercv wfu. Wake Forest welcomes 14th president, Susan R. New study looks at gender, teaching contracts and grade inflation.

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Emily Tompkins. Females play a greater role in feeding the chick each breeding season, and that effort might take a toll over the greater of breeding episodes. Wake Forest News Headlines Wake Forest welcomes 14th president, Susan R.

Mature female sex partner in Winston-Salem area

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Mom’s reward: Female Galápagos seabird has a shorter lifespan than males