I need a womans perspective

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On average, working women are experiencing three crises at the same time. These 12 emotionally-devastating crises stand in the way of happiness, are not the same for women as for men. As one who works with women all day every day, and as a woman, mother, and high-level professional myself, I have very solid views on what women think and experience in terms of happiness. Women need to experience a sense of balance between their professional and personal identities to feel happy.

You are at a standstill. Balance is the wrong life goal. I, and the women I speak with, see it very differently. Because women are still shouldering the majority of domestic responsibility, including child and elder care, while holding down jobs.

They are handling much more of the work inside the home, and they are connected viscerally and emotionally to their success and perfectionism as caregiver in different ways than men are. Women feel more angst and guilt about what they are doing or not doing. They beat themselves up for what they are not doing well enough, and for focusing on themselves and their careers rather than their family life. Why is this? Lack of balance is the most severe crisis of the 12 hidden crises women are facing. What can women do to address these crises, and experience more happiness? When women take the following actions, they experience more happiness and fulfillment in their lives and work:.

Trust yourself. Stop making excuses. Ask for demand, if necessary a more fair distribution of the domestic responsibility. Get empowered outside help to create a success action plan, with concrete goals and outcomes, to achieve your life visions. There are 11 more crises women face today that men do not experience in the same way as women. Contending with a crippling inability to speak up—unable to be an advocate for yourself or others, for fear of criticism, rejection, or punishment. Realizing your work no longer fits and desperately wanting to use your natural talents and abilities.

Please take my challenge this month — Ask yourself , then 10 women and 10 men you know the following questions:. How are men and women different in achieving happiness as they define it, and what does that difference mean to you?

Finally, how can women achieve more happiness in their lives? Please share your views!! A diverse, open, and supportive dialogue is the first step to breakthrough. Feeling stuck and not sure what you want? This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. When women take the following actions, they experience more happiness and fulfillment in their lives and work: 1 Grow stronger in identifying what really matters to you, uniquely and specifically 2 Tune out what others tell you men and women about how to live your life — be your own expert on your happiness.

Say Yes! You can do it! Compare the answers between men and women, and let me know what you learn. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it.

I need a womans perspective

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