Los Angeles California s sexiest female barber

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Ladybarber is a hashtag in its own right, with over , posts on Instagram. That made finding the most impressive females advancing the woman- in-the-shop movement a serious challenge. But each of the women featured here has made an impact in their professional careers thanks to their dedication to the craft, a love of continuing education and unique personal style—and of course their incredible cuts!

Tenacity, style and confidence under pressure are all hallmarks of the top women barbers in the industry. These nine musts to follow are killing it in the shop and online. Kutz has also worked on feature-length films, and says her favorites are period pieces. If you want to work in Hollywood, her best advice is to remain discreet, particularly on social channels. Forget about posting photos taken on set.

As for succeeding in Hollywood, hustle is crucial but remembering your roots keeps you grounded. Fortunately, Febo never let the competition get to her: She won the final challenge, incorporating two separate images a trophy and boxing gloves and her name into a graphic cut. Additionally, she just released her own product, the LL Touch Exclusive Straight Razor, specifically deed for precision detailing. This drive and determination to constantly take on more and better herself comes naturally to Febo: When she was young, she supported herself and her siblings through barbering.

Today, she is tirelessly learning, growing and enduring. Battle ability aside, Goree has a maternal rapport with most of her colleagues who are a bit greener in the barbering field. Goree loves putting her experience to good use through education. And when she teaches in countries like Russia, barbers and stylists line up for her classes in droves. Both are learning new looks. This duality is perhaps what makes Pope so interesting. Twelve years later, she still finds serenity in performing skin-fade pomps and steam masks.

She looks for inspiration in everything and applies it to her craft, from art to the outdoors to a business event. But Pope also finds satisfaction in giving back. Its goal is to help single moms and homeless women find housing. Ashley Holtz , aka Ash the Lady Barber, is a big believer in quality over quantity. She learned that from her barber grandfather, who worked in the trade for 50 years.

Holtz is driven by the desire to offer customized services that are better than the best. However, she says, the quality of her work keeps them coming back for more. April Amarillas has been wielding clippers most of her life, first at the age of 14 when caring for horses, and later when she mastered the barbering technique in school. As a member of W. She believes that the key to success is offering a full range of services while marketing new ones. When it comes to marketing, Amarillas also finds that bigger is better. Her secret weapon?

How did Andis International education manager Jessica Zeinstra become an architect of the uber-precise haircut? She mastered all the rules and, unlike the adage, rarely breaks them. Zeinstra mastered her meticulous approach to barbering as an apprentice to Aveda artist Kurt Keuffner and moved on to her position at Andis, courtesy of her expert clipper-over-comb skills. Along the way, she developed a killer work ethic and a commitment to fabulous service. Her proficiency provided the foundation for the next book in the Andis clipper-cutting series that Zeinstra developed, Clipper The comprehensive curriculum will be accessible to cosmetologists and barbers alike, she says.

For one, she created an online barbering program for Andis. Followers can grab a link to free tutorials and then discover what being an Andis educator means for themselves. Mariela Perez is the consummate working barber who built her business from scratch.

She stared by visiting the local barbershop after high school, watching and learning for hours. Before long, word of her skill got out, and clients from a local barbershop came knocking on her door. Ultimately, the owner, recognizing her talent, offered her an apprenticeship. With back-to-back clients, Perez often forgoes a lunch break. That speed and talent are no doubt why she has a steady client base. But to remain competitive, a business has to advance, so she offers skincare and add-on services think: charcoal masks, facials, hand and shoulder massages to keep the shop growing.

Despite little downtime, Perez makes sure to market herself and her shop. That means strategically posting on Instagram daily between 6 a. She hopes that all of this experience will one day translate into a job as an educator.

Los Angeles California s sexiest female barber

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