Looking for some new gaybistrait friends

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General Rating. Download Submission. Prev Main Gallery Download Next. The Real Dragonforce Art by Fureffect. Planned quite some time ago, I had an itch to scratch with including all my fur friends into heavy metal as group picture under the pretense of being in a crazy-ass metal band, ever since I saw this piece here from my friend. Well, here it is. I'm grateful that of was so patient with all the bumps and last-minute changes.

I hope the players in the band like the camera man! Thanks for the inspiration Patrick! Next time you're gonna jam with us too! Really sweet piece of work, I like how good it looks! You Sir, get a backstage pass!! Eldrikke Beef Noodle link. So wicked awesome. Glad this got completed! Me too!! You get a backstage pass too!!!

Ah but my lad, the world is a stage Here's your backstage pass Did you get that from Shakespeare :V. Get some hookers and blow for after the show Meg is my hooker and he'll be the one to supply the blow. What you did there. I see it. BlueMario The Protagonist of Light link. DraconicInstinct Art Whore link. We have CD's and T-shirts at the merch booth, to the left of the stage!! DraconicInstinct Art Whore link parent. I want to direct your guy's music video!

Last time we tried that, the nightclub burned down. Here's your backstage pass!! Certainly no reference to the incident with the band Great White, and this is most definitely not the video. These aren't the droids you're looking for either Move along.. Let Anime Artist link. I'm surprised I didn't comment on Reppy's submission. What a hot band.

Don't forget your neck brace, things are about to get hectic! Let Anime Artist link parent. Neck brace? XD Oooh, backstage pass, yes please! That's where the real performances begin. MaskedJackal Art Whore link. Totally stoked over this picture!! I try. Oh, and your backstage pass!! Hit me up next time when you do something like that. I most certainly will!

Don't forget your backstage pass! Inferno-Charz 3D Animator link. Inferno-Charz 3D Animator link parent. Already got a picture in progress with that concept. Here's your backstage pass. Altallo Writer link. Varanis is the only one wearing clothes. I noticed. Oddly, this was not requested by any of us when I made the commission, but oh well. It's still technically clean. Altallo Writer link parent. We certainly do! Holy fuck you should have said something! I am into metal and would have loved to in hehe. This was planned and paid for back in November, and don't worry, I'll do things like this again, albeit smaller in nature.

PythonBlue Musician link. Very nice job! A shame I'm a snake, or else I would've loved to be in the pic. There is a shark and wolf here, so you wouldn't be out of place! PythonBlue Musician link parent. I haven't the words to describe. Music forever! All the music!!! Phantomizer Digital Artist link. I totally will! Symbolhero Anthro Artist link. How Varanis is the only one in the group who wears something while the rest are practically naked? I'm not sure, but I get the feeling that some liberties were taken with it.

Oh well. This was a nightmare to organize, so I'm pretty much just happy to see it. TCH Traditional Artist link. We certainly try. SynixtheDragon Musician link. TheFurryEngineer Crafter link. Miracles do happen!

Looking for some new gaybistrait friends

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