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And you know what that means. Someone please tell me. Is it michelada yet? A serial child rapist from Saginaw has been sentenced to life in prison, plus twenty years. Hey, the great thing about a three day weekend is that it means a four-day work week.

NPR notices that abortion is a kind of this political battleground thing. Hooray, Friday! I hate everything. Rick Perry believes he is a prophet sent by God. Oh, but it is nearly Friday! Go Mavs. This is a blog about sex, gender and feminism in Texas. It was borne of love for righteous internet activism, Twitter hashtags and beer. And whiskey. And cats. It is mainly written and edited by Austin journalist and anthropologist Andrea Grimes because she loves to put off real-life responsibilities in favor of blogging. Fellow contributors include graduate students, journalists and corporate shills writing under assumed names.

We are always looking for more voices. If you're a Texan interested in writing with us, please e-mail Andrea at her first name dot her last name at gmail. Address:. Home About Comments Policy. Search for:. Blog at WordPress. Create a free website or blog at WordPress. Write a Comment Required Name Required Website.

Sex hot in Ainsworth tx

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