Sex with Others in Seattle Washington

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Our therapists can be flexible to meet your needs in this time and are here to help you. Don't be shy. Feel free to ask for what you want Keep it short, words or less, this is just an initial contact. Remember to double check your return address or your phone if you prefer to be called.

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See all therapists in Seattle View neighborhoods in Seattle Neighborhoods. Offers online therapy. Everyone should have the mental health resources to live their best lives, which includes a strong sexual voice and confident gender expression. There is an immense amount of guilt and shame in our culture that negatively affects how we perceive and receive sex, sexuality, and gender.

Vulnerable populations have been targeted with specific, hurtful sexual and gendered stereotypes that can increase psychological distress. As a person of color, I am happy to contribute my perspective and lived experience to the field and your choice of therapists. Sex affects everyone, and it merits focused attention in the mental health field. View . We help clients make informed choices and change outmoded patterns of thinking and behavior to support their goals. In-person appointments scheduled by telephone.

For nearly 25 years in HR and communications, I have helped corporations with communication and relationship issues with employees. I now help individuals and relationships directly with life challenges. I believe communication is central to how we interact with the world and how the world interacts with us--from our loved ones at home to strangers on the street--and it informs how I do therapy.

Peace and Blessings! I am best suited for clients that are ready to make change on a holistic, level, touching on all issues that contribute to your overall health, including physical, emotional, and spiritual health. Your mind and body's connection is inseparable and must be nurtured and understood. For that reason, I want to help empower you to gain insight into the behavioral and psychological patterns that make it difficult for you to function happily and healthily in life.

Everyone goes through difficult struggles within their life. What you are experiencing is valid and as humans, connection and support can be monumental during those times. To work towards healing and begin to understand what is moving through you. This is what brought me to this work, to make that experience less lonely for others. I can help you begin to reflect in an authentic and meaningful way. I practice therapy in a collaborative way to seek holistic change for each client.

My aim is to help individuals and couples build healthy frameworks and relationships. Everyone has unique circumstances and we will create treatment personalized for you that incorporates your needs and goals. Finding a therapist you feel comfortable with is an important part of the process and I look forward to meeting with you. You were created for connection and pleasure. Are your relationships nourishing or has life pulled them apart? So much of how we experience life fails to give us the skills we need to cultivate deeply attached relationships.

Yet when our days are done, this will be what's most important. I work with all types of couples to resolve conflict and increase emotional and physical intimacy in relationships. Clients who contact my practice are usually seeking counseling because they are struggling with a disconnected relationship, working toward healing after betrayal, having sexual difficulties, or contemplating separation. Through the use of research-supported approaches to couple therapy, relational wounds can be healed and a deeper connection in our most important relationships is possible.

My approach engages a mixture of humanistic, feminist and social justice perspectives that work together to see an individual within all the roles and identities they possess. I believe the answers on how to get through hardships reside within us, and I am committed to your personal journey of healing or transformation and what that means for you. My role allows me to become an ally with the healing power of human connection to better your relationships and life.

Unfortunately I am not able to take new clients at this time. I have extensive training in DBT and have been facilitating groups since in inpatient and outpatient settings for adults and teens. I also specialize in relationship and sex therapy for individuals and couples around sexual functioning, intimacy and desire, sexual pain, and emotional connection. Struggling to conceive, adding to the family and going through pregnancy and postpartum periods, and adoption are some of the most challenging life transitions.

It may feel overwhelming, isolating or lead to physical and mental exhaustion. Receiving compassionate therapeutic support during my own journey to parenthood led me to choose a career as a therapist. Another area that may be extremely difficult to navigate is sexuality and intimacy in a relationship.

It could be discouraging and hard to know where to start. I am here to assist you with these challenges and to grow your own capacity to change your experiences. I work with individuals, couples and all forms of relationship systems polyamorous, tri, polycules, etc. Clients who contact me for services are usually seeking therapy because they are experiencing issues in their relationship, working toward healing after loss of trust, are in conflict, having sexual difficulties, or are contemplating separation. Prior to my current practice, I worked at Seattle Counseling Service where I became adept in working with humans from a variety of diverse sexual experiences and backgrounds.

Office is near:. I work with adults experiencing anxiety, depression, grief, loss, PTSD and trauma. I work with clients concerned about end of life, personal health, companionships, and safety. I provide consult to caregivers of mentally ill older adults. In addition, I specialize in immigration issues and cultural adjustment.

My goal is to help clients recover their balance, positive attitude and emotional stability. If you're dealing with issues like your sexuality, relationships, or body image, I want to help you. I am a specialized Sex Therapist, working with clients from adolescents to adults on issues including sexuality, couples, relationship issues, depression, anxiety, body image, and bariatric surgery.

I work with those who are in monogamous relationships or non-monogamous relationships. My group practice also has several therapists who received consultation and training from me as well. They can work with folks who struggle with anger, body image, shame, grief, trauma, and relationships. We can help you be the person you want to be! Navigating the nuances of social and romantic relationships, sex, sexual health, sexual identity, gender identity, racial identity, and shame can be difficult and exhausting on its own.

Through open-minded, compassionate, and culturally competent care, I am committed to help clients develop tools for self-acceptance and confidence, exploring identity, establishing values, setting boundaries, cultivating healthy relationships, and processing sexual and religious trauma. Healthy relationships provide a nourishing, supportive connection that allows those in the relationship the safety and freedom to love each other and themselves well, and it can feel lonely, confusing, and heartbreaking when your relationship feels otherwise.

I work with individuals, couples, and romantic partnerships who are experiencing relationship difficulties or general mental health concerns depression, anxiety, trauma, loss. Relationship difficulties often include poor communication, conflict, distance, codependence, wanting different things, working through a breach of trust, such as infidelity, and sexual concerns. I help clients overcome frustrating relationship patterns, self-sabotaging behavior, and persistent depression and anxiety.

In our sessions, you'll find a thoughtful, supportive, and creative environment where clients work at the pace most comfortable for them. My approach to therapy seeks to align an individual's feelings, values, and actions. Our emotions motivate our behavior, and when we want to change but seemingly can't, we're often working against our emotional selves.

Clients work with me to tap the right motivation to meet their goals. I treat individuals, couples, and parents. Now do you find your own relationship in trouble without the tools to fix it? Communication can improve. Orgasms can return.

Sex with Others in Seattle Washington

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