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If you feel the need for weed, Oregon is the place to go because the state has far too much marijuana! It is producing way more than it needs to the point where prices are at rock bottom. No, that is not a misprint! In April , Oregon surpassed the 1-million-pound mark in terms of unsold weed.

That figure has increased since. The state always had a love affair with marijuana, even when the herb was illegal there. An attempt to recriminalize weed in was voted down. The only surprise was that two measures to legalize cannabis failed; in and Meanwhile, medical marijuana became authorized after the approval of Measure 67 in Finally, Measure 91 was approved in , and recreational marijuana became legal in the state of Oregon. Now that adults can walk into a dispensary and purchase weed without an MMJ card , what is the point of having one?

However, there are still valid reasons for getting the card. First of all, it is straightforward to do so. Then there is the small matter of tax breaks. MMJ cardholders are also allowed to possess up to 24 ounces in private or in public. In contrast, recreational users can hold no more than an ounce in public and eight ounces in private. Recreational users can grow a maximum of four plants at once. This is regardless of whether they are in the vegetative or flowering stage. If you have an MMJ card, you can grow up to six plants in the flowering stage.

Finally, MMJ cardholders can buy a lot more weed at once, including up to 24 ounces of flower. In contrast, recreational users can only buy an ounce of flower. If you have a qualifying medical condition see the list below , and want to get a medical marijuana card in Oregon, here is what you must do.

Aside from having a qualifying medical condition, only residents of Oregon with proof of residency need apply. You also require proof of residency within Oregon, such as a utility bill or bank statement. This document indicates the condition that you need medical marijuana to treat.

The physician in question must be either a Doctor of Osteopathy or Medical Doctor d in Oregon. The evaluation may last minutes. During that time, the physician will ask about your condition and determine whether you are a candidate for MMJ. You also need to have an established doctor-patient relationship. For the record, many card providers only accept those who have visited their primary care physician at least three times.

The doctor will review your medical records and perform an evaluation. Several companies now offer the full MMJ experience. They help you get a cannabis consultation, recommendation, and digital certification. This is good news since the Oregon MMJ card is among the most expensive in the country.

Patients are also required to submit a valid and legal copy of a United States Federal or State issued photographic I. It must include your date of birth and full name. Please note that you must all documentation within 90 days of your application date. Otherwise, you have to restart the entire process. State law requires the OMMP to process your application within 30 days. It could take a little longer in some cases. Fail to provide the requested details within 14 days, and your application is in danger of rejection. Ideally, you will wait until you receive your card in the mail before trying to purchase marijuana from a medical dispensary.

However, you can proceed without the card as long as you have copies of all materials submitted to the state. You also require proof of the date you submitted your application. The card is valid for one year. If you are a veteran with proof that you served in the U. The OMMP also conducts a criminal background check on those applying as growers.

The price also applies if you:. If you wish to add a caregiver, you need to deate a specific individual on your application. You also need to provide a copy of their state-issued I. Your caregiver can pick up your medical marijuana from a dispensary and deliver it to you.

You are also allowed to get an Oregon MMJ card if you have moved from another state. However, there is now a minimum residency requirement. This means you need an Oregon I. You are not allowed to transfer your MMJ card from another state. For younger patients , a parent or guardian must complete a Minor Declaration Form. As discussed above, MMJ patients are allowed to buy, carry, and grow more weed than recreational users in Oregon. Patients or caregivers are allowed to possess the following amounts:.

You can grow six mature plants and 12 immature plants taller than 24 inches. You can also cultivate a maximum of 36 immature plants that are shorter than 24 inches. These are sites registered before OMMP cardholders can also possess up to 50 seeds. Unfortunately, there are relatively few dedicated medical marijuana dispensaries in the state since adult-use legalization. On the plus side, finding a general cannabis dispensary is very easy with hundreds of options.

By February , Oregon was 1 in the nation with Like other states, it is illegal to smoke cannabis in public places in Oregon. This means no parks, bars or public outdoor smoking areas. You can only safely use marijuana at home or on private property. WayofLeaf use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it.

Written by Editorial Team. Oregon residents suffering from chronic or debilitating illnesses may qualify for a medical marijuana card. Patients must meet certain qualifying criteria. FInd out more with our informative guide. Card Validity. Patient Registry fee. Need a Medical Marijuana Card? Let us help by Starting Here. Get your Medical Card. Table of Contents. Related Articles. the discussion. Edit button.

Seeking other ommp cardholder for romance

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Now That Weed Is Legal, Oregon’s Medical Marijuana Program Is Facing An Existential Crisis